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Lager Scale

& Unique,

A Project Requires

Tailor Made Solutions.


A Projects definition in our wiew Is when all the circumstances regarding the job are unique and of a larger scale. This means that when we have to sit down and specifically look at what needs to be done for this individual job and adapt the way we work thereafter. Then it is a project. 

The fact that something is classified as a project does not necessarily mean that the job costs more, just that we need to approach it uniquely. The costs will then be based on it´s specific needs. Projects can be anything from commercials, image films or comapany presentations. 


We take great pride in coming up with creative solutions to be able to deliver the most interesting take on our projects. We look at what we can do to fullfill the needs and requirements and how we as effectively as possible can reach these goals. An important part in creating these projects is that it requires a great deal of collaboration.  


Defind Outline

& Ready To Go,

Assignments Are Build

With Knowledge & Experience.

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Assignments can infact be just as large as projectsbut have much more distinct parameters. Assignments lean on our knowledge and experience from having doing similar jobs the past.


This way it takes less effort to get started and runs smoothly. The assignment can be based on a client having a specific event that needs to be captured, or that we use one of our previous cases as a basis for putting together an idea. Usually assignments are based on real situations with real people that contribute to bringing a story to life. Examples of assigments range from influncer films, employer branding films, case films and many more.

With many years experience creating these types of films we can offer a structured work process that quickly and effectively delivers a high end result. Here we follow a regulated workflow that lets us create films with very high quality but with less pre-production than a project.


Eyes Closed

& Hands Tied,

Dosen't Matter

A Task Just Flows.

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Apart from projects & assignments we also do more Task related productions. This can be extensions of already existing projects, like translation work and subtitles. It can also include straight forward photo sessions with specific outlines, like employer portraits. Editing already existing material or any other specific job that you might need help with.

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