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Provoking Change

Sprung from the ideal to give something back we at Marwood have a passion for telling stories. The kind of stories that can provoke change and hopefully make a difference to the world we live in. By finding people who are as passionate about it as us to collaborate with. Together we can be the voice for those who can't speak, and share what they have to say with the rest of world. 
We think it is our responsibility as people to be humble in life. Take care of them less fortunate than us, shed light on problems both in our surroundings and outside of our comfort zones. It is our responsibility, or duty even, to take care of and tend the soil we walk, the air we breath and the freedom we have been granted.

Our individual purposes in life may differ in many ways. But one thing we should all have in common is to care about our differences as a species and the desire to take care of the precious things that are given to us.


Life and everything in it!



Current Project

Our ongoing project is called Mabeco and it addresses the ongoing poaching crisis in Mozambique. The National reserve Niassa on the northern border of Mozambique has been hard hit by the poaching. They have suffered great losses to the Elephant population, the decline in the Elephant numbers so staggeringly high that it is almost marking them extinct in the area. 

We follow as the rangers in Block L7 of Niassa reserve, take on the poachers. Through rough terrain and in hazardous conditions they fight every day to try and subdue the poaching, with the hope that their efforts will one day turn the tide in this losing war.

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Together we have the opportunity to provoke change

We are constantly looking for great stories to be told, partners to collaborate with and sponsors for our documentary projects. If you feel as passionate about it as us and would like to contribute for a change, in any way, then let us know. It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime.

What better place than here & what better time than now ?

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